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Chanel Close-Up

At the Chanel show, there were these incredible hats and wigs. Karl Lagerfeld continues to surprise with his staging, in this case an unforgettable soundtrack piping “Around the World” with a giant globe installed in the middle of the nave of the Grand Palais. This decor had a raison d’être as well – “the first Chanel store opened 100 years ago in Deauville, and today the designer has more than 300 boutiques around the world.” Here are the details of this grandiose show!

Black, metal and crocodile
Baptiste was part of the show
Fur hats, a new fad?
Reverse pockets…
Close-up of the fur hat
Cobalt blue, next winter’s it-color
Black, black, always black
Quilted pink on tweed… Rose
The famous Chanel plexi sac in gray
A good grip
The always-fashionable quilted mini-bag
A bit of goth
Latex waders, so sexy
White waders
The chocolate version of the plexi sac
A new way to carry your clutch
Close-up of the waders/leggings
The glitter plexi
Photos copyright: Yulia Shadrinsky

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