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Ana De Costa

What do you love the most from jewelry ? I love the concepts I research at the beginning of designing a collection. It often covers spiritual and esoteric themes which I then realize into pieces of fine jewelry so that they are imbued with a strong story and concept. I also love seeing a piece come to life from design to finished article.

Which is your favorite stone ? I would say I do love green and in particular tsavorites (green garnets) because of the vivid bright green color. I do also really like the classic and beautiful white diamond and natural cognac diamonds set into rose gold.

Which is your signature creation? My signature creation is more to do with style and my natural style is very fluid and organic, inspired by 1920’s Art Nouveau. I also use chain tassells at the bottom of certain earrings and pendants.

Do you think that rings are more for your hands, ears or feet ? I am very open minded when it comes to how you should wear fine jewelry. I am not traditional in this sense and think you can certainly mix this up !

What jewel you never take off ? I always wear 2 solid gold bangles on each wrist. They are very plain and round but beautifully solid- one is 18ct yellow gold and the other is 18ct rose gold.

What is your inspiration these days ? My inspiration is my tastes in lifestyle choices such as travelling, yoga, spirituality and also luxury- this has enabled me to carve out a luxury aesthetic which is unique to myself. I have created collections in the past based around tarot cards, alchemy and magik and most recently Gandhi and henna designs.

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