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Aminata’s Zogoda

Aminata never wears red lipstick!

She came by my house last week, not only was she wearing a nice little explosive red dress but also a real red lipstick.


Was I dreaming ?! My friend was rocking the red and black ! is it the revival of the 80’s ? or Stendhal’s life truly long-standing ?

NO ! She’s going for the Zogoda* style! the red perfectly matches her skin tone, as i keep saying it, to the most parisian of all Senegalese !


Zogoda: I’m of lebanese nationality but I was born and raised in the Ivory Coast. In my country of birth, the Zogoda is the art of wearing red-black or one without the other. In the 90’s, the Ivorian singer NST COPHIE made a song out of this fashion phenomenon and it became a big tune in west Africa.

Nowadays nobody talks about fashion but of the Zogoda Style.

Zara dress
Céline bag

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