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The pompadour pink a manly color ?

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Before Louis XV’s favorite came along, the Marquessa of Pompadour came on the track and became infatuated with this new pink on porcelain of Sèvres’ manufacture, imposing it everywhere in Versailles, for the little girl’s clothes, for the bed sheets, even for the chamber pots…. And to say that pink is associated to feminine values like beauty, gentleness and fragility… There was a time when during the Middle Ages, blue being associated to the Virgin Mary, was a girly color while pink, a sort of a pale red, was considered a manly color. The bas-de-chausses * or the tights that the medieval knights of the Era wore, were in fact pink.

PS: I don’t know why I think of a knight wearing pink tights wooing Lady Gaga…

Bas-de-chausses*: a masculin piece of clothing that covers the body from waist to toe.

Coat: Vintage
Cuff Sylvia Toledano
Make up Imane Fiocchi
Photo Contributor: Sophie Kosremelli

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