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The Mediterranean in Paris

Le Gros 7 -Seraqui de Buttafoco-Une Libanaise à Paris-Méditerranée-Paris-samar14

Le gros 7


It’s our first destination because we are able to enjoy the charm of the Mediterranean in Paris. We love the fact that it can be a café and its terrace to drink a rosé as if we were in the south. The recipes are mouthwatering, we love the tartufata pasta with red pesto and all the dishes are generously served in the pretty ceramic plates from Vietri.

Le gros 7 is mainly my canteen in Paris, where I meet with my friends to loosen up and eat my pastas Rummo before enjoying a double pistachio mendiant!

Le Gros 7 -Seraqui de Buttafoco-Une Libanaise à Paris-Méditerranée-Paris-legros7m
-Le Gros 7 -Seraqui de Buttafoco-Une Libanaise à Paris-Méditerranée-Paris-legros7k
Le Gros 7 -Seraqui de Buttafoco-Une Libanaise à Paris-Méditerranée-Paris-legros7l
Le Gros 7 -Seraqui de Buttafoco-Une Libanaise à Paris-Méditerranée-Paris-legros7b
Le Gros 7 -Seraqui de Buttafoco-Une Libanaise à Paris-Méditerranée-Paris-legros7
Le Gros 7 -Seraqui de Buttafoco- Une Libanaise à Paris-Méditerranée-Paris-samar16gros7-1000x1048

Calma pour toi


A few steps away from the lively Place de l’Odéon, is situated a little relaxation nest coming straight from Spain.

Calma pour toi is well being at its purest state, a gentle exfoliation with orange flower to be carried away in a Mediterranean atmosphere. Plus, cosmetics are certified to be organic and natural.


Calma pour toi
15 Dauphine street
75006 Paris



Three friends are behind Kilikio: Kritonas Poulis trained by the greatest Pierre Gagnaire passing by Pierre Hermé and Stavros Seretis, who are passionated about food and Ivan Aublin, the French band that has given the trio a more entrepreneurial aspect and added a small Parisian touch.

Together they aim to find the best products across Greece by ensuring that their output respects traditional methods and know-how. Stavros, based in Athens, has a close relationship with his producers and ensures to send what’s best of the crop only.

Impossible to leave the store without having bought olives of Sparta, hand picked and placed in natural herb or fruit marinades but also the real Feta AOC, produced according to traditional methods in a wooden barrel.

Before leaving, one last little weakness for the small Cretan bread made of carob flour and gluten free to go with the black olive tapenade!


med a paris 8
med a paris 1
med a paris 9
med a paris 4

34 Notre Dame de Nazareth street
75003 Paris



It is primarily a shop that attracts us and represents an invitation to travel. A trip in the Mediterranean that has no limit. When Lina Audi travels she brings back with her tablecloths, embroidered linens, robes, sandals, bags, pillows, hammered copper bowls … and blown glass Objects made by artisans that can be immediately accommodate into our homes and our daily lives.

-Liwan Paris-Seraqui de Buttafoco-Une Libanaise à Paris-Méditerranée-Paris-liwan paris

8 Saint-Sulpice Street
75006 Paris

Le Tagine


Considered to be the best couscous and tagines of Paris, the restaurant simply called “Le Tagine” is the joy of living in a Moroccan street in the Oberkampf’s neighborhood.

This family business, opened 32 years ago, has a decoration that values ​ Moroccan craftsmanship, an intuitive and original menu with a selection of impressive natural wines and where couscous- tagine is reinvented . Bread and pastries included, everything is home-made.

Note that apart from the celebrity-like dishes, you will discover beautiful refreshing appetizers like zucchini tagliatelle with argan oil.

The hosting of Marie-José Mimoun and her team is also a great reason to come again and again.

med a paris 7 tagine
med a paris 6 tagine
med a paris 10 tagine

Le Tagine
13 de Crussol street
75011 Paris

Imane Fares gallery


Imane Fares is what we call a Lebanese from Africa. She was born in Senegal and keeps on cherishing her Lebanese identity. Her gallery is located on rue Mazarine. There, are exposed works from artists coming from the Middle East and Africa. Paintings, sculptures, photographs, videos and installations are a way to tell stories and highlight the talent of the artists who often visit the mediterranean.

Imane Fares gallery -Seraqui de Buttafoco-Une Libanaise à Paris-Méditerranée-Paris

Imane  Fares Gallery
41 Mazarine Street,
75006 Paris
Le Gros 7 - Seraqui de Buttafoco-Une Libanaise à Paris-Méditerranée -Paris - samar15gros7-1000x667

Dress : Self Portrait
Boots: Roger Vivier 
Photos contributor: Alexia Maggioni& Cynthia Jreige

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