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Goodbye Mister Bond

I love James Bond. How many times did I say with the villain’s deep voice, that rolls the “rrrrr” the mythical replica “Goodbye Mister Bond”. They have succeeded in the role of Mr/Bond, from the dark Sean Connery to the enigmatic Daniel Craig, through the dandy Roger Moore… All are so different, yet all united by this iconic suit made to measure.


On the occasion of the release of the latest movie “Spectrum” Omega received us all at the Automobile Club of France to present its new Omega Spectrum – James’ official watch – and of course we enjoyed a private screening preview of the film. Unlimited Bollinger Champagne, and star photo-call, Omega hosted a very nice evening.


I will not make the film critics, although I must admit that after being dazzled by the beauty both aesthetic and psychological of Skyfall (also from Sam Mendes), I was a little disappointed by Spectrum. Daniel Craig and Lea Seydoux played fairly well, but the lack of pace in the scenario and the plot was less inspiring than in Skyfall.


But beyond the movie in particular, I liked seeing James. When I was little, I must have watched over twenty times some of the episodes of Roger Moore that are “For Your Eyes Only” and “Moonraker”. The presence of Léa Seydoux as the James Bond girl made me think of the young and beautiful Carole Bouquet in “Just For Your Eyes”, another Frenchy…


I am fascinated by his charisma, his British phlegm blended with the charm of a Latin lover. But it’s not only about that: there is something really reassuring about the James bond movies. James Bond is to general’s public what Woody Allen is to arthouse cinema: a movie made of codes, marks, which usually comes out just before the holidays every two years. Some are good, others very good, some are bad, others very bad, but all are linked by a common signature.


Despite the casting, era and director changes, we will always find the same Martini “Shaken, not stirred”, these sublime Aston Martin, full of fascinating and improbable gadgets, muses as always, a bit wild, a bit of easy virtue , villains that are always super megalomaniac and who want to control the world and / or enslave and these exotic and varied scenery that James loves to destroy! For example in the spectrum, the film begins with a spectacular first scene in Mexico City.


Thank you Omega for giving me my James Bond shooting in these conditions and … can’t wait for the next one!

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Goodbye Mister Bond.

To be continued
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