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All I want for Christmas is…


When I read that sentence, the first thing that comes to mind is the Mariah Carey song “All i want for Christmas is you! “ it also reminds me of all those Christmas movies where these big families are gathered around a dining table in the family nest.

Christmas was never celebrated like that at home, since my childhood, Christmas is spent just the four of us at the restaurant! At first I did not understand why, but now I begin to do so! Having no family living in France, it was hard for my parents to play the role of Santa, but nothing could stop them from making us believe in the magic of Christmas! So they developed a maleficent/smart plan: they waited for us to be out of the house to ask our neighbors to play Santa Claus! There was no need for a costume to be worn, all they needed to do was: drop the gifts under the tree, open the window (the same one I made sure to close to really see if the story is true), and finally empty the glass of milk (once again the one I had left) in the sink! Growing up and having learned the sad news, I realized that the greatest gift that my parents made me during those years of innocence is that it was a sneaky clever plan! “All i want for Christmas is” be the Santa Claus ghost of children, and definitely drink the milk! 

 Caline Nehme

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