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The Mediterranean

By Samar Seraqui de Buttafoco

The Mediterranean ?

Being the ambassadress of the Mediterranean House of the fashion professions in Marseille, it is real happiness, a recognition that touches me and encourages me but also the occasion to hold on to this Mediterranean that I truly miss.

The Mediterranean runs through my veins to paraphrase the singer M…and I particularily love the energy of its islands and its harbours, its conqueror attitude and its deep lightness.

The Mediterranean as an inspiration, for Vernet, Cocteau, Chagal or Theo Tobiasse…And its mutual with its natives, Maillol, Greco or Trenet. Finally, as Le Corbusier would say “I have travelled across the continents, I have only one profound attachment, The Mediterranean.

The Mediterranean air has always lifted me, from Beirut to the narrow and popular streets of Palermo, from the Strait of Gibraltar to the ruins of Carthage, from Istanbul to Alexandria…

The Mediterannean is the extra in the ordinary.

I am looking forward to let you discovereach of the designers of the MFP, the projects and the events that the team are preparing with so much passion.

I will talk to you about it very soon.

Contributor photo: Alexia Maggioni, Sweater and Skirt: David Catalan, Shoes: Valentino

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