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Princess Blair Waldorf


By Aurélia Vigouroux 

Eternally filled with childhood princess dreams, every Blair Waldorf scene in dresses and tiaras would cause chills in my body. I was this close to taking out my own tiara once bought for a bachelor party that I had thrown in the back of my bathroom closet to avoid any temptation. As the episodes went by, Blair would always be wearing the tiara as though it had become a simple accessory. Yes, but on the upper east side, in the penthouse of her dear Chuck Bass’s hotel and of course the limo, isn’t it all about context? Will it always be a little girl’s inaccessible dream for me? Should I find a prince to get the tiara? This is without relying on Hedi Slimane, count of Los Angeles, who with the touch of a magic wand transformed his rock models wearing leather and little dresses into princesses with tiaras paving the way for a royal parisian.


Series: Gossip Girl

Date: November 11, 2015

Director: Josh Schwartz , Stephanie Savage

Cast : Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Chace Crawford

Costumes: Eric Daman

Info + : The original adaptation of Gossip Girl was for the film and had even proposed to Lindsay Lohan. When that project fell through , the beneficiaries proposed for Josh Schwartz to do a series.

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