Das Mot ?


I’ve been working on the launch of Das Mot for several months.

I also did  things upside down.

No business plan. (well, I did it a week ago, the accounts are good, the crates and boxes empty, everything is almost fine.)

You may have noticed that I was a little absent, I could no longer write on the blog, posting on social networks game me anxiety … I will try to stay dignified, the recent months were difficult at the personal level. It took me strength to refocus, concentrate and finally find the energy to carry out this project.

When I started with the #DasMotFamily, I thought about who would wear the clothes: my answer was You.

Women and men regardless of gender and children.

I imagined :

Two sisters who buy a sweat, they share it or dispute it.

A woman who takes  the sweat shirt of her guy in size XL, wears it one Monday morning with uggs to extend the spirit of Sunday, not wanting to be cramped in pants. # endimanché

 And then the tee shirt that is offered in size 3-4 years to a little girl or a little boy who is between 2 and 8 years old because he/her will wear it more for more than a season.

 Das mot is famous in all languages ​​for its all-French impertinence.

I did not create something new, I did not invent anything. I only layed words on cotton and as months will pass by, other objects will come to complete the collection.

I am looking forward to see you integrate #DasMotFamily.

 Oh, I almost forget, but why Das mot?

Das, in German means The, Le, Ce, Un, son, La, la, Une, sa … This injunction in the multiple sense assumes a perfect neutrality to accompany Mot. Das Mot, so that each one can appropriate each word, make it live and have fun telling his story. Word, for the beauty of the word. Mot pour la beauté du mot. A tribute to the Francophonie and Francophilia in the world.

I made the choice to exclusively the sale exclusively on the site in order to keep reasonable prices.

Sweatshirts and tee shirts are made in Paris. Yes, I will soon make you a tour in the workshops! So, do not hesitate to subscribe to the account instagram @das.mot as well as the Facebook page @DasMotParis.

If you wish to know more about Das Mot, click here, on the rubric ABOUT US.

And to shop ? it’s here ! shop Das Mot 

Photo by Aurelien Caoudal

All Das Mot’s photographies are spraid with love and without any retouch.  #NoPHOTOSHOP 


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