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By Samar Seraqui de Buttafoco

Let’s start with those to whom we ask the inevitable what is your vice question, and listen as they typically answer:” I think that I’m a little bit of a perfectionist”. Wherever there is imperfection there is perfection, they are both closely intertwined, just by merely thinking about the subject, before even seeing it.

Those people, I’ve wanted to hit them for a while, physically of course, but instead, being the hysterical person that I am, I just smile all the while insisting that she obviously have the same vice. Instead of just wanting to be absolutely perfect, I am a firm believer of every day amelioration. I think that’s it’s the only way to avoid becoming a procrastinator/ by always wanting to do well, we often have trouble seeing clearly.

It’s as if in terms of imperfect perfection, we had no choice but to live up to the definition of the Larousse dictionary. Imperfection: What makes something or someone not be be perfect. If this is the meaning, then when do we start thinking for ourselves? At least to start believing that imperfection has its own qualities.

We live in an era where Chanel decides to post a completely distorted picture en Instagram where the brand is actually not selling us any product. We see pictures where we go from the tangible products like a dress that we want to sell, to the intangible, a story we want to tell for example. Other luxury brands get lost in the whirlpool of perfection by posting pictures on Instagram that depict a perfect product taken from an ad campaign “perfecto to sell” and not even signed Irving Schott.

Advocates of imperfection will just say:” perfection is boring”. Personally, I’ve never been acquainted with perfection for me to judge. On the other hand, I can notice it: on the red carpet, we will never notice the woman who went up the stairs perfectly, with her perfect hairdo and sponsored dress. On the contrary, a Sophie Marceau who discretely reveals her little silk culotte under her shirt white dress will stand out and be talked about. Imperfection is alive, it’s a luxury that not every one can afford to show, we don’t reveal a little underwear the same way we reveal a Bermuda spandex under a tight dress.

I can firmly say that I am well acquainted with imperfection. It’s once we accept it and get used to it that we become singular. We live in a luxury world that is dictated by trends, “must haves” or “must dos” that we are supposed to follow, or more politically correct adapt and add to our wardrobe. Singularity inevitably always is many steps ahead or is ten trains behind when it comes to trends. It’s a sort of “textile gentrification” or how a manner of getting dressed becomes a trend. Punks were a statement and provocation against established order and are today on the covers of magazines and have become completely mainstream. Today, wearing total Dior has nothing personal anymore. I will always remember this 40-year-old woman, that I ran into a chocolate store in Beyrouth, her hair was practically all white, mid length with big green eyes and a perfectly wrinkled face. In a face where Botox is as common as washing your hands, this imperfect woman turned her into a perfect one in my eyes.

 Ever since fashion became to me a form of expression at 21, I only wear fared pants. I feel relaxed nowadays because I’m aligned with fashion. However, for a long time, all my friends who switched to 501 Levis or slim The Kooples jeans made fun of me. In my opinion, flare jeans were a sign of being a singular person. Am I right? On the contrary, if I ad to the pants my gold necklace inherited by my mom, my lipstick as well as a smile and chipped nails, I can consider myself being imperfect, thus singular.

Who is saying that? The “blogger”, this perfect human who virtually has the prefect life? This is for those people who don’t know me perfectly.

I like the idea of being able to have my freedom of expression without the fear of being judged, and this search for perfection always felt like a brake to that.

I have wanted to be perfect for a long time and can even give you example you probably already know, like for example running around trying to make it professionally, be the perfect wife, always be in a good mood, the little monkey that always has to make everyone laugh and always be available for a drink… Today, imperfection is first and foremost the possibility of liberating myself.

Contributor photos : Alexia Maggioni 

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