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Samar Seraqui de Buttafoco Journaliste-Chroniqueuse.


When I created the blog, my first words were “In my wildest dreams, I travel the world from Bouthan to New York meeting people, discovering the places they live in and the things that they like. I was born and raised in Côte d’Ivoire. Of Lebanese nationality, I lived in Beyrouth for 3 college years before settling in Paris. After studying journalism and getting a diploma in international relations, I rapidly joined the editorial team at channel TV Direct 8, starting out with Marc Menant by my side. He gave me a taste for words, rigor and discipline. I then had some experiences with literary and cinema columns on TV5 Monde after which I found myself in the Arabic-speaking editorial team at FRANCE 24. I am passionate about international current affairs, it’s intellectually stimulating, but I need some lightness in my life to disconnect. I created “Une Libanaise à Paris” without knowing what I was going to write in it.”


The blog was confidential and allowed me to work on my writing. It was anonymous, no pictures of me. Since then, my baby has grown and it became the window into my work. It opens doors to beautiful collaborations with prestigious media companies and the fashion industry.


Today: “The blog’s following has gone up, and it encourages me to set out on my own like a grown up J. Exposure scares me but I’m gaining confidence and I’m trying to have fun with fashion. By the way, I don’t like fashion, I like style, the style that sticks to a person. Through a piece of clothing, above all, I like the idea of telling life stories. I like meeting people and taking the time to discover what makes them get up every morning in such a fast paced world. And traveling, who doesn’t like traveling? I grew up reading Jack London, Jules Vernes and Saint Exupéry, I try to inject a little bit of traveling in the fabrics and, sometimes, I bring some back from my trips…”


ULAP is meant to be in my image, curious about everything!




François Pignol

Ulap is welcoming a man’s voice. « What a difficult but exciting task Samar entrusts me with, to participate with my words to what makes the site so charming. » Every week he’ll share with you his impressions, his ideas, his interests, in the form of a note, sweet, bitter, acidic or tender.

François graduated from HEC and works in Strategy and Development management for the group M6. Passionate about Italy, François directs the French Committee for the Safekeeping of Venice and founded the Youth Group for the Committee. This circle of young patrons, founded in 2007, works to raise awareness amongst young contributors regarding the safekeeping of Venice. The Youth Group for the French Committee for the Safekeeping of Venice notably financed the restoration of St Marc’s Horses in the St Marc Basillica and the furniture in Sissi’s room at the Royal Palace of Venice.


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Bénédicte Burguet



An architect’s home, a controlled drape, a photo book, an engraving by Goya, a vase of Sevres, a lamp 1970, a printed Fornasetti, an Art Deco armchair, Japanese porcelain, painted plate hand, an Indian embroidery, a real wallpaper, an ornamental piece, a new designer, plaid baby llama, Vitra selection a vintage ashtray … “marveled yourself every day.” That’s my mantra. 

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alexia (1)

Alexia Maggioni 


I have always been passionate about fashion and art, I knew I wanted to work in this field since I was 10.

After my baccalaureate,  I naturally entered a fashion school in artistic direction, but  first studied fashion styling at the Instituto Marangoni Paris (Milan for my last year) which consists into learning how to create a fashion image, thinking about the location, models, the theme, the photographer too! And that’s when I realized I wanted to do photography, I could never leave this part of the shoot in the hands of someone other than myself! After I finished my 3 years of fashion styling, I kept going with a master’s degree in photography in Milan! “


Lorena Vergani 

The Argentine-German multicultural, who grew up in Spain but with a French education, and resident in Paris, has a different perspective to analyze her surroundings. Passionate by Luxury Hotels, Fashion and art, she created her company LV B e s p o k e where she concocts for her wealthy clients of “Experiences”. For example tailor-visiting programs in France and Spain, whether in the field of Art, Fashion, Gastronomy or specifically for children. She also organizes social events for luxury brands in Paris. Under her critical eye, but solar and constantly striving for excellence, she offers us a journey through her artistic favorites in France and elsewhere.


Cynthia Jreige-contributor-une libanaise a parisJPG


Cynthia Jreige 


Cynthia graduated in Fashion Design and is currently doing a Master’s degree in fashion Journalism at the London College of Fashion. She is passionate about art and travel.

Cosmopolitan, from a Belgian-Italian mother and a Lebanese father, she grew up in Luxembourg before moving to Paris, New York and at the current moment in London.

After passing by Nouvel Observateur and after a year being at Jason Wu’s side in the USA, Cynthia will decrypt the trends for us with her sharp eye.

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marin montagut-une libanaise a paris

Marin Montagut


Marin Montagut grew up in the south of France, amid its colors and warmth. Very early on he starts to travel before settling down in London to study at Saint Martin’s School. When he returns to France, Paris becomes his new home.

Marin unleashes his passion for art, new encounters, antiques, and bohemian lifestyle. He is a set designer and decorator and established his own production company. He is self-taught and eclectic; he directs and produces videos for prestigious French brands as well as several documentaries across the world. This tireless world traveler continues his trip around the globe, going in whichever direction the wind is blowing, his aquarelle sketchbook always within reach, to find the unexpected places he so loves to uncover.

It’s from within this fanciful state of mind that Marin has created Bonjour City Map Guides ; a collection of beautiful urban field guides that he delicately illustrates and in which he shares his favorite spots – each the epitome of refinement, uniqueness and exclusivity.
Today, Flammarion distributes and publish the collection throughout the world.

Marin Montagut loves traveling and discovering new beauty. He invented a charming lifestyle.


He is also autor of the website www.marinmontagut.com 




Born in a family of movie stars, Claude chose books for a living. After years of studies (literature and philosophy), in Paris and New York, she became an editor and now works in a big Parisian publishing house in Saint-Germain-des-Prés.


If what she loves most are books, the second would befashion. Amazing combination that often earned her the remarks of herdearest publishing colleagues (for whom stylistic audacity is defined by a wool jacket with yoke on the elbows,a straight skirt with a zip), and the frightened calls she receives from her banker. When she’s not reading or not strolling into a bookstore, she could certainly be found in a consignment shop in search of a new Yves Saint-Laurent item (an expert for her), in a fur shop (she has more than fifteen already, and some are worth seeing), in a thrift store where she finds some exquisite pieces that are sometimes left behind to her great happiness, or at young designers’s workshops. As far as fiction allows travelling and words disguise the real, clothes always seem to allow everyone to reinvent himself without over doing it. So why not use it?


Lama Mattar

In her professional life, Lama Mattar is a doctor in nutrition. Her passion for photography allows her to flee the science world to join the world of art. An autodidact, she thought herself photography through different workshops, exhibits, readings and seminars. Always on the lookout for subtlety and minimalism, her work enhances beauty and reveals the audacity all the while remaining loyal to a certain simplicity. We met at an exhibit, she was a reader of the blog, and, since then, she contributes with her talent at shootings for the #styleStories column.

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photo presentation

Sophie Kosremelli


Of Lebanese and Canadian origins, Sophie has completed a degree in photography at the Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts (ALBA) in 2013, and since then orients herself towards fashion styling and has worked as a freelancer. Sophie speaks fluently three languages; French, English and Arabic and is responsible of the blog’s translations but also contributes as a photographer. Ulap’s team gave in for her sense of styling, always very fresh and sometimes extreme!



She is also autor of the blog  www.rougeareves.com