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Humeuristiquement soldes!

Do you see all these radiant faces? You would think that I raided Chanel by the look of this Byzance jacket for fashion connoisseurs!

On this first Saturday of the French sale period, I literally felt the anguish of my wallet, and it was out of the question to line up at the doors of Zara or any other fashion traps.

So naturally I went to Rue Cambon, where my Gold Debit card would definitely not allow me to buy anything. My right brain intuitively replaced that glorious dizziness of heading to the check-out with a consequence-free fitting room session.

Or at least without direct consequences, because these perfectly cut little dresses, without even mentioning the jacket, were really difficult to put back and gave me some ideas…

Economize for better investments: a purely economic discussion that I had with my dear man. Once we had the calculator in hand, my jewel of a jacket turned out to be a good replacement. First, the emotional argument: a sure value that I can pass on to my daughter, and if I don’t have one, to the daughter-in-law who steals the heart of our future son… Much less fun, that’s why there is the realist argument, thanks to TV4Finance. Once it’s in my closet, after years of good and loyal service, it will be a vintage item from the limited “Paris Byzance” collection and it will definitely be gold on the vintage fashion market. While waiting for this happy argument to sink in, having it on my shoulders in the dressing room was a sweet pleasure… without consequences.

And you my friends, how were your first days at the sales?

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