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Coralie de Seynes

What is the accessory of the season on the Coralie de Seynes e-shop? I would say it’s the cloud bracelet. It’s a new item this season, and it revisits my work on marine knots!

What’s the most timeless piece found on your e-shop? The rope necklace and the twist collection. These are items that are here season after season, and I regularly offer them in new colors.

What’s one fad that you will never follow? The one that I find vulgar.

What’s the most indispensable everyday accessory? In terms of jewelry, I would say my gilded leather rope necklace in “earth color” for this season! It’s a basic that is easy to wear every day. I would also add a handbag, I adore them! Next summer I am launching a line of leather products.

What’s the best accessory for seduction? A pretty chocker (like the leaf necklace) worn with a nice low neckline.

Who are your favorite designers? Isabel Marant, A.P.C. and Céline for bags!

What are your inspirations? Everything inspires me: the streets, movies, expositions, my trips, the people I meet, that’s where I get my creativity…

Where do you get supplies for your works? Mostly in France, and Germany for the leather. The mountings are done by artisans in Paris as well as in my studio.

What’s something that people go nuts for in your e-shop? The flower necklace.

What do you recommend for those on a small budget? The triple twist bracelet, it’s a must-have!

If you could be one of your designs, which one would you be? The rope necklace!

What music inspires you? I love retro music, I was brought up by a father who loves jazz. I’m very into Motown…
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