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What are we allowed to do at 382 months old ?


At 382 months old,

no one puts a teat in your mouth to keep you quiet. We’re clean, we’re not punished because we didn’t finish our bean plate and we don’t have to stand the presence of a nanny at night when all we want to do is stay awake very late to watch tv.

At 382 months old, our duties changed : we have to pay our bills, smile even if we don’t want to, buy a dress that we won’t be able to wear again for our cousin’s wedding, avoid nagging, Prévert did say “ what if we tried to be happy, if only to give the right example ?”…

One thing however didn’t change, is the desire of fooling around*. So lets give ourself the right to suit with reality.

Just like at 1 month old, we have the right to show our underwear

Did you see all these babies that proudly show off their tiny panties ? Beyonce got it, no need to pose naked like Marion Cotillard, Kim Kardashian or Laetitia Casta on the front pages of magazines to feel free or to add farm butter to your organic spinach. The little panty she’s been wearing* is enough to make her business evolve. Every time she goes up on stage, or decides to upload a new video clip online, she does it wearing a tiny panty! And it’s not because we’ve been told all our life to hide our underwear underneath a dress, that we don’t have to proudly show it on a Petit Bateau + Cédric Charlier sweatshirt ! It’s time to think by ourselves.

Just like at 9 months old, we’re allowed to break plates

It is well known that when we start walking we make a lot of damages in mom’s nice interior, and it’s by facing the grown ups world that we have the urge to break everything. One day, I was really mad, not a word was coming out of my mouth, I looked calm, and without even knowing how, I went straight into the kitchen, took all the plates and BOOM, threw all of them, still not a word. As my friend Benedicte would say : “ Fortunately it wasn’t a 19th century set honey!”. Ikea made me handle my temper, even if the guy who followed me thought I was crazy.


Just like at 12 months old, we’re allowed to be scared of the dark

Who said that when the first months of existence go by, we weren’t allowed to be afraid of the dark ? Honestly, it’s already hard enough to pretend to be a gladiator all day long, Olivia Pope alike, and once in the room at night we also have to fight the dark. Not only we’re allowed to be afraid of the dark, but more important we have the duty of informing everyone about it.

Just like at 120 months old,we’re allowed to be mean

These little mean sentences referring to existing things, that come out from children’s mouth with an angelic smile. I’ll always remember this little boy (I didn’t know him) who told me once in the metro, waiting for the right moment, that I looked like a donkey with my hair… Mean little boy, but he was right, my hair was wet because of the rain and looked terrible. I then learned that hair should be hydrated like skin. I never had a bad skin and now little boy, I no longer look like a donkey !

P.S : « Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings comes the truth ».

Just like at 144 months old, we have the right to whim about shopping

Preadolescence, this sacred period where parents don’t set boundaries as “ you’re not a kid anymore, you have to be able to make choices, I can’t buy you the red, blue or pink Benetton sweatshirt ! “ Now we have credit cards , we don’t hesitate to give in to the Mandela bracelet in brass links. What color to choose : silver, bronze and rose-colored ? No problem, the three of us validate comfortably sitting on the sofa. You agree that we have more important decisions to make… Why rack your head for a question of accessories.


Just like at 204 months old, we’re allowed to paint our face

We’re not serious when we’re 204 months old* could have written Rimbaud, if he had a publicist in his team. We’re always pretty and rebel, we want to look like someone we’re not. We put make up on like it’s not allowed, blue on the eyelids ? Lie de vin on the lips ? Gold on the side of the eyes ? Chanel did it, as well as the pre-puberty beauty youtubers. Why not us ? Why do things half way and be in the tastelessness ?


P.S : “The use of the wording “months” is particular to Petit Bateau & I allowed myself to use it as a nod. “

The nanny was mean * : Who never lied ?

Fool around* : “ Fool around but do it with enthusiasm “ Colette.

The little panty she’s been wearing* : I suppose she has plenty of them.

Sweatshirt : Petit Bateau + Cedric Charlier
Bracelets : By Sis
Tights : Falke
Underwear: wolford
Photo Contributor: Sophie Kosremelli

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