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Born in cabbage?

By Claude

Starting age of 3, Mozart certainly laid his fingers on the piano found in the family house like Samar, who was probably the same age, certainly had already adorned a thousand clothes and wrap herself  in silk; all this to say that to have a passion and make a profession out of it does not mean take it for granted .

When I tell new people I meet about my job, they imagine that, as the prodigy to the wig or other Picasso paintings (who painted his first painting, Le Picador, when he was eight years old only), I had to be born in books. Alas, the same way that children are not born in cabbages (they’re not), we do not necessarily live among the objects that will later make our lives.

I was born in a family where my parents preferred the reel films rather than books but as a child I loved to read the adventures of Oui-Oui (Si-Si, without the crown), all the Martine editions: Martine at Monoprix, Martine’s baths, Martine at Chanel – also Martine at her banker – and if my father read to us every night The Three Musketeers and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, I generally preferred my Chairs de Poule books and my game boy instead of the big Folios that adults suggested to me. I also realized that reading would have an important impact on my life when, returning from Los Angeles (where my mother worked), to fight against the jetlag, I read for two days in a row, a full collection of books which’s title I can’t seem to remember( and which I’m still looking for). The stories acted out a group of backward teenagers.

ULAP- Pimp ta vie
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Nothing too glorious. As for my baccalaureate, I wasn’t in the literature field but in the economics, I did not choose either to direct (not right away at least) my studies to literature (but to philosophy yes), I liked just as much to walk the 12 square meters of the 13,000 Baron of Sainte-Geneviève Library at 18 years old, and for christmas I hoped to get the red and gold of the Pleiades rather than a great jewel.

So yes, obviously, I liked to read more than average, a poem of Jacques Roubaud of a verse of Eluard can move me beyond reason, and yes, today, when everything seems to fall apart I instinctively look for a book (and a bottle of wine), but to turn a passion into a profession is all about discovering the profession itself, meaning to learn about the technical aspects of it, forgetting the emotional relation (the production of a book, the sales of a book …), its commercial aspect (know about which books sell best, try to understand why – some cases are as opaque to me as if we had hidden the reason behind Fifty shades of gray – understand the numbers, if the book is a success or a failure …), strategics (when to release a book, which book would sell better in the fall – how much would it cost? which one would work better in the Summer …), all of these reasons are why I love so passionately, other than reading and literature, something I love differently, publishing .

A word to the wise is enough, publishers are not born in books, they are born into the world in search for books.

ULAP _ Pimp ta vie

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