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I always dreamt of being a bimbo…

By Samar Seraqui de Buttafoco

I always dreamt of being a Bimbo, a “jersey girl” but a chic one ! Always afraid to be judged, on my looks i constantly seek perfection and a chic attire at any time?

There’s always detachement, indifference in a natural way when it comes to a bimbo’s look.

A desire to show off, attract others, arouse desire In every single detail.

There’s a weird chic in the bimbo as well as she is not the porn type of girl, more a woman stuck in her teenage years with her hormones boiling.

Is there a certain curiosity in life that gives us a brain freeze a shock in the left lobe if the brain and forbids us from reasonning and wants us to be naughty ? Or is it all studied and programmed and analysed priorly ?

I always dreamt of being a bimbo, a bimbo … So chic ….

How about you ? Have you ever dreamt of being a Bimbo?

Send by my Iphone.

Contributors photo  Alexia Maggioni

wearing : Tiffany and co Hoop earrings, equipment shirt, la perla body, seafarer jeans. 

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